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archventil_stratosferi_3d-printed_bracelets_rose (5)
Stratosferi. 3D-Printed Bracelets.

Design and 3D technology come together to give you the emotion written in

The Device Club’s School of Music Cover / Rhythms

One more cover for DC School of Music. This cover #2 is also

The Device Club’s School of Music Cover / Guitar

The cover created for Device Club is going to open branded videos of

The main poster is linked to the other elements of the page and highlights the key values of the brand
The Device Club VK page graphics

Archventil was asked to create graphic materials which would reflect the Device Club

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In search of Web Designer

Archventil is searching for Web Designer! If you have

Stratosferi & Sharebot at Madrid 3Dprintshow 2015

Stratosferi by Archventil continues its European 3D trip with

Stratosferi at 3DPlemya

Want to buy your Stratosfero in Moscow? Contact the

Stratosferi & Sharebot at 3DPrint Hub

Come to test & taste Stratosferi, 3D printed bracelets