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Design & 3D Printing

Technology for Design Innovation

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Archventil experiments a long with 3D technology. We design both products for 3d printing and identity for companies of the field. Archventil created the identity of the first Russian 3D platform 3D Plemya.

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3D Printing & Product Design

Branding scale. An unusual way to work with brand ephemera and small corporate gifts.

Small scale. Perfect way to work with small scale products of unusual shapes.

Big scale. Possibility to build big scale products too. See 3DStool project.

Interior scale.  Interior projects based on 3D printed materials and textures.


3D-printing - based Branding

Strategy, naming, visual identity, packaging, printed material and web content. Everything you may need in order to communicate your brand values especially if you work with 3D technologies. Are you 3d printers producer or distributor? Do you offer 3d printing and 3d scanning services? Are you producing filament spools? We know your market.

Logo & Naming

Logo + naming are basic identity instruments that will help to differentiate your company from its competitors.


Your product or service may need further elaboration or new design. It may need packaging too.


Define your touchpoints – talk to your audience through your system of printed & digital instruments.


You may need interior design or exhibit design coordinated with your identity.

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Design and 3D technology come together to give you the emotion written in a new language. Be open to the innovation: discover the characteristic layered texture of Stratosferi, 3D-printed bracelets.

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