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  • 3 floor plan versions with furniture arrangement
  • Restructuring tips & 1 hour consultation
  • Lighting, electricity, sanitary arrangement layouts
  • Up to 15% savings thanks to technical drawings
  • Basic project starting from € 300 in just 5 working days
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The interior design project by Archventil stands for high quality and high price. BID service by Archventil is an option for those who will not call us for a full project: it's an opportunity to get the basic project of quality Archventil 10 times cheaper and 10 times faster.

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10 €/sq.m + VAT(22%) =

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Send us the input data for the project.

Send us the completed briefing form, cadastral plan, your measurements, notes and photos.


Choose floor plan you prefer the most.

Get three versions of your flat’s plan. Choose your favorite variant and confirm date/time of your consultation.


Get the BID-book and 1-hour consultation.

Get the layouts of your apartment and your final consultation: by phone or by e-mail.

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Due to the reduction of working materials to the most necessary we manage to offer the project for a record time and price, without losing the quality of elaboration. Only €10 per square meter. Only 5 working days. Start with high quality, without worrying about the high price!

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Appartamento di 37mq per Claudia

Abbiamo ricevuto una piantina di un abitazione piccolina con delle caratteristiche che spesso capitano: disimpegno e bagno piccoli, una piccola cucina, una stanza di medio-grande, la cui destinazione (camera da letto? soggiorno?) andava definita dalla proprietaria dell’appartamento. Claudia, 32 anni, ha uno stile di vita attivo, non ha tempo libero per occuparsi della planimetria, ma ovviamente non vuole rinunciare ad una casa confortevole. Il compito non era facile anche in vista del muro portante proprio nel mezzo dell’appartamento. Allora decise di contattare Archventil.

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Apartment for Claudia, 37sq.m.

We received a plan of a small apartment with often met features: small hallway and bathroom, a small kitchen, a relatively large room, the purpose of which (bedroom? living room?) was given to the hostess to decide. Claudia, 32, leads an active lifestyle, does not have free time to settle the house, but of course she does not want to give up comfortable housing. The task is complicated by a bearing wall right in the middle of the apartment. She decided to contact Archventil.

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Квартира для Клаудии, 37м.кв.

Нам пришел план небольшой квартиры с часто встречающимися характеристиками: небольшая прихожая и санузел, маленькая кухня, сравнительно большая комната, назначение которой (спальня? гостиная?) было предоставлено решать хозяйке квартиры. Клаудия, 32 года, ведет активный образ жизни, не имеет свободного времени для обустройства дома, но от удобного жилья отказываться конечно не хочет. Задачу усложняет несущая стена прямо посередине квартиры. Она решила обратиться в Archventil.

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You can request the pro-forma & pay by bank transfer.

In order to proceed you must accept our terms and conditions.

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Compile to request pro-forma.

What happens next?

Once the payment has been made, you will be redirected to the download page where you can download the brief Questionnaire and the Guide to the additional measurements; meanwhile you will be contacted by our consultant. As soon as you complete the Questionnaire and take further measures / photos of your interior, send the updated cadastral map with these data to our e-mail:

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us.

Metodi di pagamento

Puoi richiedere la pro-forma e pagare con un bonifico bancario.

Dati di fatturazione

Compila per richiedere pro-forma.
Per procedere accettare termini e condizioni.

Accettazione delle CLAUSOLE VESSATORIE del Contratto Servizio BID ex art. 1341 e 1342 c.c.

Cosa succede dopo?

Effettuato il pagamento, sarai reindirizzato alla pagina di download dove potrai scaricare il Questionario di brief e la Guida al rilievo e in seguito contattato dal nostro consulente. Non appena compilato il Questionario e prese ulteriori misure/foto del tuo interno, invia pure la pianta catastale aggiornata con questi dati alla nostra e-mail:

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Agree with the so called restrictive clauses as per art. 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code

Что будет дальше?

Совершив платеж, ты будешь перенаправлен на страницу загрузок, где сможешь скачать BID-анкету технического задания и Руководство по снятию дополнительных замеров. Наш консультант свяжется с тобой для уточнения возможных вопросов. Заполни подготовленную нами анкету, сделай дополнительные замеры / фотографии своего интерьера и отправь нам все, приложив план БТИ / план от застройщика на электронный адрес:

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