Express service of Interior design: Basic Project

BID: Basic Interior Design service

€10/sq.m. project


Floor plan

3 plan versions of your flat with furniture arrangement & final version with dimensions

Lighting layout

lighting fixtures: position and typologies of ceiling, wall and floor lamps

Electricity layout

outlets and switches necessary for a comfortable life in your new flat

Consulting service

1-hour consultation by phone or 10 questions by e-mail on any topic related to your project

The interior design project by Archventil stands for high quality and high price. BID service by Archventil is an option for those who will not call us for a full project: it's an opportunity to get the basic project of quality Archventil 10 times cheaper and 10 times faster.

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How to get a BID service from €300 for an apartment?


Calculate the price and book your BID


Then download Brief questionnaire and Instructions for measurements. Have any question? Make a request.


Send us the input data for the project


Send us the completed briefing form, cadastral plan, your measurements, notes and photos.


Choose floor plan you prefer the most


Get three versions of your flat’s plan. Choose your favorite variant and confirm date/time of your consultation.


Get the BID file and 1-hour consultation


Get the layouts of your apartment and your final consultation: by phone or by e-mail.



the price of your BID project: insert the total area of your apartment

10 €/sq.m + VAT(22%) =
so called restrictive clauses as per art. 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code
Still have questions? Feel free to contact us

Example of the price calculation

Apartment of 37 sq.m.
37sq.m. x €10 + VAT (22%) = €370 + €81.4 = €451.4
The service price is €370 VAT not included / €451.4 VAT included


Why Basic Interior Design Project by Archventil?

Make a request for BID service: Basic Interior Design Project for the price of €10 / sq.m., and in 5 days you will know how to start arranging your home.

Contact Us

Want to order BID service by Archventil but still have questions? Mail to us

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