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Archventil works with various types of interiors: residential and offices, hotels and retail, restaurants and bars, salons and spas, exhibitions and installations.

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Define Goals First. The first phase is about observation and analysis, when we collect raw data, get acquainted with the object and with the needs of the customer, do measurements and photos, watch the available documentation. The result of the work is a detailed terms of reference (TOR), or briefing.

Project. The second phase is the project itself: from the concept sketches to the final version of the interior and working drawings, which will serve for the construction. The project is the basis for estimating, work scheduling and materials procurement. See more in Inside the Project >

Selection of materials. The third phase is the selection of furniture and lighting, decorative and aromatic content, accompaniment for flea markets and antique galleries. Archventil collaborates with various manufacturers – the studio’s clients receive great discounts on purchased products.

Construction supervision. The phase of implementation and supervision is about controlling the construction quality and the compliance to the original project, following contractors and solving local problems, supporting orders for the project. The phase finishes with the interior delivery and its eventual publication.


Inside the Project

The project occupies an intermediate position between the drawing up of the briefing and construction phase. It begins with the creation of the concept and ends with technical drawings, which contain all the necessary decisions for the further implementation.


Building a concept is the most creative phase of the project. It’s about searching for ideas, defining the style with the client and identifying more his needs. Archventil works with its clients on a specially developed technique that helps to come to an unusual solution. Sketches, moodboards and abstract images, smells, sounds and video – we use a variety of materials to convey the idea.

Preliminary Draft

The concept becomes more specific, there are drawings, collages and pictures, diagrams and charts, 3D models and 3D visualizations, tactile kits, aroma and sound selections. Archventil develops several options for plan and color & texture schemes, conducts additional analysis of all processes within the space and selects the optimum level of technological equipment.

Definitive Project

The final version gives the final design solution with the final materials, colors and textures, lighting scenes and decorative compositions, smells. A smart home scenario is developed. A preliminary selection of furniture and fabrics is made. As the result of this stage one has plans, sections, 3D visualizations and mockups, materials and textures kits.

Executive Project

Working drawings are the basis for estimating, work schedules, permits and further construction. Documentation includes plans, sections, details of technical, technological and aesthetic solutions: demolished and erected walls, ceiling and floor plans, electrical and plumbing drawings, lighting calculations, climate system solution, material specifications.


Why Archventil?

Interior design in Archventil is always projects designed to the smallest detail. The studio both makes a complete selection of materials and objects for the interior, and designs customized furniture for the projects. It both takes over the full construction supervision, and organizes orders. Archventil delivers "full construction" service.

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