Archventil launches a new project: pay for the design and not for the production! Just download the 3d model of the product and 3d-print it at home.

The first object of the collection is presented at Lambrate and will remain there up to the end of the Milan Design Week. It is called 3DStool and it has 80 small elements. Each element can be printed on any desktop 3D printer. Then one can easily assemble the elements.

You can get the 3d model of the 3DStool for free. Download the file directly from our website in order to get it in scale 1:10. Or write to and get a version of the model in scale 1:1.




Waiting for you at Lambrate (via Massimiano 6) during all the period of this Milan Design Week.

Happy designing with Archventil!


Watch the Assembly Process
Watch the 3D Printing Process