Interior and Furniture design, Navigation system and Graphics for the Tsaritsyno Museum’s entry group, Moscow, Russia

  Archventil recently completed the project of a complete redesign of the entrance group of the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve. The implementation

Logo for a Russian consumer goods company Радости от Ксении Собчак (Xenia Sobchak’s Joys)

Archventil has designed a series of brandmarks for “Radosti ot Xenia Sobchak” (joys from Xenia Sobchak) – brand that sells

Coffee Shop for ZOOM coffee & bar, Moscow, Russia

In the complex design for the brand ZOOM, hookah and coffee bar, Archventil designed an island bar unit. Of course,

Real estate office for Rinofanto Development, Milan, Italy

Archventil designs a real estate agency for Rinofanto Development. The interior design project that is part of a whole branding

Logo for jewellery ecommerce La Pulce Vintage

The logo for La Pulce Vintage is a flea in beads that inspires vintage.      

archventil - brand identity - graphics and illustration - hookah bar - zoom - yellow-mint-orange-black- logo
Brand identity for ZOOM hookah bar

Yellow citrus slices, mint leaves, berries, water and hookah. A juicy brand idenity for ZOOM hookah bar based on illustration,

Brandmark for Zoom Hookah Bar – logo version 1.3

Quality music (CD shape) and Hookah (smoke puffs) in one place. Modern coat of arms for Zoom Hookah Bar.  

Brandmark for Zoom Hookah Bar – logo version 1.2

Smoke of hookah in the zoom, musical disk of two letters O, Z as a cup – that is a

Brandmark for Zoom Hookah Bar – logo version 1.1

The Zoom brandmark version 1.1 – musical, almost rotating, vibrating or zooming disk of two O. “Zoom” quality in m-degree.

Brandmark for Doubledoor Lounge & Bar 2.0 – emblema version

Emblema version of logo (brandmark) for Doubledoor Lounge & Bar, Moscow, Russia. Round curvilinear levels of various transparent colours.