Brand Identity for 3D printing platform 3D Plemya

Corporate identity for “3D Plemya” (3D Tribe in Russian), the first and perhaps the most famous Russian 3D technology platform, is a complex project through all axes of branding. Market analysis and strategy clarification, identification of all possible touchpoints and their physical implementation on the visual level and on the verbal one – all this let build brand awareness and made 3D Plemya recognizable.


About the Project

3D Plemya is a community of extraordinary individuals united by the desire to make 3D technology more accessible. The brand offers both final products (3D printers, 3D scanners, consumables) and services (3D printing / 3D scanning / 3D modeling). It has its own educational program, service centers, network of resellers throughout Russia and the CIS, information portal and Youtube channel with the author releases, corporate showroom and unique style of communication of the team. 3D Plemya is the first brand in the field of 3D technologies in Russia and the CIS.

Archventil worked on the concept of the platform as well as on the whole system of identity of 3D Plemya. The process was launched in 2012. Analysis of a rather small market at that date was carried out. The Archventil team defined with the client the company’s mission and vision, built the future strategy and created the concept of the platform. The naming strategy led to the final name and slogan of 3D Plemya. The process of designing brand identity began.

The signature was composed of a two silhouettes pictorial mark, logotype on the basis of the modified Franklin Gothic type and tagline. Corporate fonts and colors system was determined. Additional graphic elements were designed. Tone of voice and look & feel were set. Branded characters – Jack, Engineer, Cook and Peter, were drawn especially for 3D Plemya.

Considered defined touchpoints, the set of necessary materials was defined. The Archventil team of graphic, web, motion, service, product and interior designers, photographer and copywriter created visual and verbal identity: branded packaging, print media such as business papers (business cards, letterhead, envelopes) and marketing materials (flyers, leaflets, banners, posters, presentations), website and electronic content, video material style and animated movie about 3D Plemya’s services, showroom interior, goods displays and showcases, exhibition stands, pop-up store. In addition to the graphic, industrial and interior design, the text content style and behavioural aspect were defined.

All layouts and mockups then were tested and implemented under the supervision of Archventil. In order to ensure a right future application and facilitate the process of managing assets a brand manual with guidelines was created.

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