3DStool / stool for desktop 3d printing

About Project

Archventil launches a new experimental project: a series of products designed with small elements which can be produced on a desktop 3d printer and then just assembled. The user would pay only for design and not for the production. From now one, having even the smallest desktop 3d printer, will be able to download the file and to produce an entire stool at home.

3DStool is a modular object which can be transformed into a small table or even into a bench. It is constructed with parts of a small dimension. The biggest element is 12x12x8cm. These dimensions allow to 3d print each singular element on any desktop 3d printer. Special connections and hooks allow to put everything together without adding any glue. One can always decide if it’s better to use 3DStool in its original version and dimension (40x40cm, h42cm) or if this stool will become shorter, longer or wider. The user is free to choose the color too: it depends on the ABS plastic’s color he decides to use.

Watch the Assembly Process
Watch the 3D Printing Process

Learn here how to get the 3DStool 3d model

Project Card

  • Size (mm): 400x400x420
  • Weight (kg): 6
  • Material: ABS plastic (filament)
  • Printing time (h): 160
  • Category: Product
  • Presented at: Milano Design Week 2014
  • Publication: Burstein Inna, iSaloni: between classics and contemporary. Milan Furniture Fair on April 8-13 showcases the evergrowing opposition of classic and contemporary trends in design, in “Project Russia”, #72, June 2014

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