Conference halls for The Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FASO Russia)

Archventil designed meeting rooms in a historic building of the Board of Trustees, where The Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations is now located.


About the Project

Three meeting halls have been designed in a classic style, given the nature of the context and purpose of the spaces. Each room has its compositional solution, primarily due to the shape of the table and the organization of seats. In the first case – a square conference table, in the second – a round one, more solemn, in the third – the Y-shaped, designed for larger number of participants dedicated to more formal meetings. All conference tables were designed specifically for each space.

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The agency is located in the center of the city and occupies a historic building on Solyanka Street.

Conference hall 1


Chairs are placed around the perimeter of a rectangular table for 29 people, having proportions of the room. The table is moved to the screen, which leaves more space for the operator and assistant workspaces. Access to the center of the room is possible through the hinged countertop near the main entrance. Cavity-box for wiring cables serves as a screen covering the legs, or modesty panel. “Emergency” exit is hidden behind the mobile screen – at any time one can open it. In addition to the aesthetic function, a screen improves the acoustic conditions of the room.





Conference hall 2


Centric composition is adjusted on the central axis of the room. Round table is designed for 26 people. Top access to the wires are covered with the same material of the top and have black brush edge for protection from dust. Access to the center of the room is possible through a hinged worktop at the podium. Tribune “layered” on the table frame, which makes it a single whole with it. Bust placed behind the speaker back: so it does not block the passage to the chairs and at the same time retains the dominant position. The glass partition is “sewn up” with acoustic panels.



Conference hall 3


This hall dedicated to bigger conferences can accommodate up to 26 people and has important furniture finishings. A T-shaped table centered on the middle of the doorway of the room. The head pat of the table accommodates 7 people, a long part – 26 people. The glass partition is sewn acoustic panels.


The color palette has always green brown tints.




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