Flat of 62 mq, Karamyshevskaya naberezhnaya, Moscow, Russia

In Moscow, an industrial 62 m2 interior is located on the seventh floor of a new building which has a view of Karamyshevskaya naberezhnaya.


About the Project

The house comes from a union of industrial vintage and Dutch classical art and was created in the image of his owner, a 32 year man with passion for music and cinema. Everything in this house has been designed to make the most of the space by using pull-out systems and consoles.

The dressing room divides the flat into two areas: day and night. A glass wall in the sleeping area divides the environment in the bedroom and in the bathroom, creating a soft detachment and allowing communication between the two spaces, in particular it fosters communication between the bathroom mirror and the outside, increasing the space and ensuring greater natural light.
Special attention was paid to the details and finishings. The same parquet texture was introduced both for the floor and for the console. In the living are a unique environment was created. Living area and kitchen become one through a bar with counter and wine display. Only through a distinct height difference the two moments are distinguished. A special project was made for the acoustics holders and the console. Another aspect is the biological chimney, which, together with the bar area, helps to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

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In the living room the bar counter and the sills are made of white Carrara marble. An industrial style has been used for the round wooden table with metal supports, extendable for six people, designed by Archventil. Then it has been used “Giralibri” also designed by Archventil, a bookshelf that takes the shape of a wheel, made of wood and metal, painted according to the project palette. A special project for the console that is coated with the same parquet following the fish bone design – this is creating a sense of continuity.



In the dining room, the kitchen, made with a patch of riveted aluminum plates, has been designed specially for the project and produced by De Marchi. The hood lights throughout the kitchen conforming their profiles on it. The aviator style has also been taken for the doors and the fridge, combined with white metal handles and the solid wood profiles; the fridge is beveled at the corners. Finally the wall has been used as a wine display with illuminated wood shelves.


The lighting was managed through a system of Edison vintage lamps and led, RGB illumination included. All chandeliers are vintage. A special floral decoration and a personal olfactory research were made for this house.





A wooden parquet made in three colors and laid in a fish bone pattern covers the entire floor holding also in ascent the console, creating a continuum effect. This harmony in the spaces is also given by using windows and reflective surfaces that mirror each other. The products and decorations are selected from the author’s design, high quality craftsmanship and authentic vintage. The color palette goes from white to light mint green, until the black that recalls the industrial metallic finishes and dark green, an example of the cast iron radiators in classical style. The windows are made of painted wood in shades of black to remind the industrial metal fixtures, also the automatic shutters are made of wood, in the bathroom the blackout is black with possibility of descent, thus closing the glass partition with dark metal profiles too. The doors are all flush-fitting models painted according to the tones of the walls, between white and mint green, one exception to the main opening realized in classical style. Gray metal door handles are in classic style. The kitchen wall is coated with blackboard paint and graphics. Sockets and switches Fontini are in wood and nickel.



In the bathroom a cast iron bathtub in white paint and white porcelain vase were put, all Devon & Devon. The tent stick for linen resin curtains in black enamel has been tailored according to the size of the bathtub profile. The wooden shelves and the white ceramic basin, designed by Paola Navone, are all Flaminia. The Bossini taps and heated towel rail are realized in brushed nickel. Vintage bath accessories were selected one by one through a search by banks, craft markets and modern antique shops (for example forms of shoes adapted for hangers were taken from Iucu shop). Not only the glass wall leads into the bedroom but also the theme of water is predominant in the two rooms. An ancient box made of solid wood together with an aged tap were hung to the wall, in front of the bed, creating a desired continuity with the bathroom.











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