Web Graphics for 3D printing platform 3D Plemya

Archventil presents a set of graphic elements for 3D Plemya website. Banners and storyboards created according to the brand identity

Posters / 3D Technology for Kids & 3D Technology for Your Home
Posters for 3D printing platform 3D Plemya

The posters for 3D Plemya created by Archventil make an integrative part of the whole project of the brand identity. The collaterals

Archventil for 3D Plemya / Brand Identity Set
Print Design Elements for 3D printing platform 3D Plemya

Archventil was tasked to create brand identity for 3D Plemya (3D Племя), print design elements included. Considering a strong personality and

Brand Book and Brand Guidelines for 3D printing platform 3D Plemya

“3D Plemya (3D Tribe in rus.) / community of extraordinary individuals united by the desire to make 3D technology more

Website for musical instruments e-commerce Device Club

Website for e-commerce Device Club, musical instruments vendor, in blue and gray vintage palette.     Home & Contact page

Da lì lo spettatore riesce a percepire il paesaggio delle opere e la galleria riflessa negli specchi sotto un'angolatura improvvisata
Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery. Points of View.

The project reflects on the spaces of the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery in Milan proposing it as an ideal place

Living Roof - così s'intitola il progetto dello showroom dedicato alla collezione casa di Vivienne Westwood
Vivienne Westwood Home Collection. Showroom Concept. Living Roof

The Living Roof concept is based on the idea of bringing the house on the roofs of the city. Wallpapers

Abitat V, oltre ad essere showroom di cucine, è una piattaforma di azione per giovani designers e artisti
Abitat V

Abitat V is a kitchens showroom and an action platform for young designers and artists. From here arises the intuition

archventil - poster illustration - up 3d printer
Posters for official distributor of UP! 3D Printer in Russia

Colorful illustration based posters tell via characters what one can do with a 3D desktop printer UP!      

The tv in the sliding panel has a rotating structure, it can be watched from different positions.
Empty to the Brim: Interior.

In order to create a new space configuration and avoid a predictable interior, some diagonal forms were introduced. Rotational elements