Modular ottoman Realax

Realax, a unit which colors one’s private environment and can create micro-environment.


About the Project

A simple unit 950x950mm consists of a large polyurethane foam seat coated with velvet effect polyester fiber. It’s a kind of a small space in which one can relax. The Realax modules seamlessly fit into any environment. Multiple modules can be combined to create a micro-environment offering an unparalleled experience of collective and individual privacy. The outdoor version can be also used. The fringes that make up the walls to the sides can be moved with a simple gesture which allow to have a small talk or a long conversation with the nearstanding unit’s person. A transparent cover plate made of PMMA creates reflections of light of different colors. The supporting structure is made of wood. The module is designed both in powder pink and Prussian blue palette and in the blue-green version.

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