Packaging for the plastic filaments manufacturer Spiderspool

Special packaging that allows to 3d-print out of box, for Spiderspool, filament manufacturer, by Archventil.


About the Project

Archventil designs packaging for Spiderspool, manufacturer of filament for 3D printing. The two types of products have been taken in consideration during the analytical and designing process: big spools used for desktop 3D printers and small ones used for 3D pens. Big spools are packed in rectangular boxes in a brown microcorrugated. Its cover has black infographics which tell the brand concept. A sticker, located laterally, describes the characteristics of the spool color: its unique name inspired by a rare insect or plant, the closest RAL color, color pair and type of plastic (ABS / PLA, thickness, weight).
Another product type presents six colors sets for 3D pens. The packaging allows the user to print out of the box. There is no need to pull out the plastic before 3D printing. The filament is not getting tangled. Each color has its one place. One has just to pull a color out of the box through a corresponding hole and he can 3d print. When the process is over, the filament can be fixed in the opposite opening. A special sticker shows the characteristics of the set. Infographics tell the brand concept and illustrate the set application. A logo-shaped window allows to see the filaments themselves.

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