Stem, book holder

Stem, the book holder designed specifically to have easily our favorite usual books scattered around the house.


About the Project

Stem is designed to respond in a more careful way to the demands of the relationship between people and books. It is inspired by the shape of a tree and combines images of nature with an aesthetic smooth and clean geometric shapes. The book holder doesn’t attempt to answer all the needs of users at once, but rather focuses on the ritual of reading, creating the opportunity to deeply our relationship with the book. Stem has five branches made in increasing triangular section, slightly inclined. So the books are perfectly adapted to the carrier shape. The branches are equipped with rubber bearings, to protect users and also to increase the bookmarks effect. The anchor points to the stem branches spread out a little:  their bottom changes inclination increasing the plasticity of the object. At the base, an cylindrical element made up of cement, or marble for the  oak variant, gives more stability to the structure and reconstructs the “roots”. The base also acts as coffee table: it can be placed near the bed, alone or in group, to put down the book that are you reading before going to sleep.

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concept detail of light stem version



Single or in group, Stem is a small item (580 mm diameter, 1500 height) which will be essential in our leisure moments while we are reading a good book.



Different kinds of materials are combined together to satisfy different requirements. 

Light version in oak and marble base or darker variant in walnut and brownstone base. 


Thin resin applications adorn the stem’s branches and facilitate the anchoring of books.


dark stem version - gif

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