Brand Book and Brand Guidelines for 3D printing platform 3D Plemya

“3D Plemya (3D Tribe in rus.) / community of extraordinary individuals united by the desire to make 3D technology more accessible. Join our tribe!” – a young Russian brand describes its vision in this way. Archventil created a corporate identity for 3D Plemya.


About the Project

The company’s mission is to integrate 3D products and services into a modern society of creative and enthusiastic people, where everyone is unique. All these characteristics have become an inspiration during the creation of the company’s visual aspect and copy. A multilayer logo combining heavy and light set, a contrast of heavy and light headsets, palette of soothing shades with bright yellow parts, irregular geometric forms – everything is based on the union of different. Well, the characters of the tribe openly declare that the tribe is always about something special. A brand manual was created in order to make possible managing brand identity system. The guidelines are easy to understand, they providing accurate information and  help to build brand awareness.

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