Video animation for 3D printing platform 3D Plemya

The animation movie for 3D Plemya created by Archventil makes an integrative part of the whole project of the brand identity. The four illustrated characters of the “tribe” explain to the user the main features of the 3D platform.


About the Project

Archventil was tasked to make a video for 3D Plemya. A video which would reflect the spirit of the brand explaining what all this about. Archventil created a short story where two main characters, he and she, meet each other in 3D Tribe (translation of 3D Plemya) and discover all funny opportunities by joining 3D Plemya. Branded four characters of 3D Plemya, Cook, Peter the Great, Jack and Engineer, explain all the features of the 3D platform: consulting and shop assistance, fast delivery in each corner of the country, easy payment methods, technical support, blog and Youtube channel with the latest 3D news.

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