Our Approach

Archventil is a multicultural and multidisciplinary team formed to create fluid concepts that lead to outstanding realisations.

Our multifaceted approach carefully considers the interwoven elements needed to create dynamic results. Drawing from personal experience and cutting edge research, we relentlessly pursue new challenges and experiments.

Archventil is an ever-evolving engine that opens the valve of creativity and encourages the exchange of ideas. Art and technology are the pillars that support the crucial relationship between architecture and design. It’s a way of thinking. It’s a way of life.

About Ventil

Did You Know?

Ventil (German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Croatian) = Valve (English), Valvola (Italian), Vanne (French)


Nikita Kasyanov
Co-Founder and Architect of Archventil

Nikita Kasyanov graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute in Residential and Public Construction.

Throughout the 4 years he worked with the State Unitary Enterprise Moscow Research and Design Institute, known as “Mosproject-4“, Nikita participated in the creation of projects such as Multifunctional Moscow Business Center Technopark (Russia), Moscow Conservatory (Russia), Marco Polo Hotel (Moscow, Russia), Dmytrov Entertainment Complex (Dmytrov, Russia), Concert Hall (Harbin, China).

After his successful endeavors in Russia, he moved to Milan to pursue a Master of Architecture and Building Construction from Politecnico di Milano.

His passion for converting the imaginary into reality has driven him to participate in many contests and to open a private practice.

In 2012, together with Elena Tomlenova, Archventil became a new reality where Nikita acts as the Head of Architecture. 

Elena Tomlenova
Co-Founder and Designer of Archventil

Elena Tomlenova initially graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University specializing in Humanities. She has always had a special relationship with art. After an internship at Roma III University in Rome, she decided to move to Milan in search of a way to combine her passion for art with design.

After experimenting with different mediums, she decided to pursue a degree from Politecnico di Milano first in Interior Design and then in Product Service System Design. Throughout her studies she received growing acclaim for her abilities in illustration techniques and was asked to be a consultant for other students. Arch. Michele De Lucchi’s student, Elena extends her skills beyond academia: she has worked for private studios and competed in several design contests. Her graduation and unusual work experience such as concepts for Pierre Cardin retail interiors, marked an opportunity to transition into private practice.

In 2012, in collaboration with Nikita Kasyanov, she founded Archventil where she works as the Head of Interiors & Design. 

Meet the Team

Dario Pigato
Graphic Designer

Nicolò Scatola
Interior Designer

Serena Spinelli

Giovanna Cascio

Alice Colombo
Communication Designer